• Reminders

Direct Payment Form Use Reminder: 

  • The Paper Direct Payment Form should only be used for processing Non-PO credits from vendors.  Once the paper form has been completed, please send the request via Liquid Files to haylermr@appstate.edu and mcneilmk@appstate.edu.
  • General Accounting has moved to a fully electronic payment process.  Any requests received on paper will be returned to the department for the department to enter the payment request into YoMart.

 Methods to request all other types of payments:

  • All travel requests, including travel advances are now processed in App State Travel & Expense (Chrome River).
  • All employee non-travel reimbursements are processed in YoMart by using the Request for Direct Payment Form.
  • Payments to be paid via wire transfer are processed using the DocuSign form located on the Controller’s webpage.  The form and procedures can be found on the Forms & Procedures tab.
  • All payments to foreign entities and foreign individuals are processed in YoMart by using the Foreign Payment Request Form.

 Payment Due Date Reminder:

  • All payments related to a Purchase Order will be made in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Order.  
  • All payments for YoMart Direct Payment Requests [non-TCM] will be made in accordance with the terms on the invoice.  If there are no terms on the invoice, the payment will be made net 30.
  • All payments for Contracts will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. 

 Clarification on Travel Advances in App State Travel & Expense (Chrome River)

Travel advances and related expense reports will be limited to a single bank. If funds on the other bank are available for that trip, the department will need to move those secondary supporting funds via a JE to the primary fund.  As a reminder, funds starting with 1 are on the State Bank.  All other funds (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x 7x, and 9x) are on the Trust Bank.

Blanket Travel for FY23

FY23 Blanket Travel Authorizations will be approved on the new Dynamic Form.  If you are an approver for Blanket Travel, you will receive an email notification from  workflow-do-not-reply@appstate.edu with the subject line "Dynamic Forms: Request for Blanket Travel Authorization - Signature Request".  The email will contain a link to the Blanket Travel Form for your electronic signature.  The form will require you to log in to the Dynamic Forms electronic signature system with your ASU username and password. As an approver, you will have the option to approve/sign or to deny/return.  Travel on blanket authorizations after July 31, 2023 must be approved via the Dynamic Form Blanket Form.  The traveler will attach a pdf of the fully approved Dynamic Form Blanket Form to any applicable travel expense reports submitted in App State Travel & Expense (Chrome River)  

Taxable Expense /Reimbursement Report Form

Reimbursement requests outside of the University’s Accountable Plan will now be processed using the Taxable Expense / Reimbursement Report form located on The Controller’s Webpage under Tax Compliance.  Any requests submitted in YoMart or App State Travel & Expense (Chrome River) will be returned to the Department. 



Published: Jun 25, 2021 8:29am