Procedures for Payments to Foreign Vendors

Payments to or on behalf of foreign Nationals including but not limited to:

  • Services 
  • Goods
  • Honorariums
  • Scholarships
  • Prizes and awards
  • Travel reimbursements/payments
  • Other non-wage payments

The following forms and documents must be submitted to the Controller's Office before a foreign entity arrives in the U.S. to provide services.  The Tax and Immigration laws governing payments to foreign individuals or vendors is very complex.  Not consluting with the Controller's Office or the Office of International Education and Development can create significant delays in payment (or no payment) and may jepordize a visitor's immigration status.

All foreign vendors who will be receiving a U.S. sourced payment must provide the following forms and documentation before they arrive and/or before payments are made and/or services begin. 

- Foreign Visitor Information Form via FNIS (please contact Controller's Office at for guest access)

- Copy of Passport

- Copy of Visa

- Copy of I-94 record

- Copy of Social Security Card or ITIN (if claiming treaty benefits)

- Copy of I-20 (for F1, F2, M1, and M2 visas)

- Copy of IAP66/ DS2019 (for J1 visas)

- IRS Form W8-BEN form 

- IRS Form 8233, if claiming treaty benefits (Controller's Office will fill out the form upon request, recipient's signature is required)


Payments for services performed outside the United States.

The following forms will need to be submitted before services are rendered and a check or wire transfer can be processed.

Certification of Work Performed Outside the U.S.

W-8BEN for individuals

W-BEN-E for entities

Standard Contract for Independent Personal Services (If the contractor requires use of their contract, General Counsel's approval is required).

- Independent Contractor vs. Employee checklist for individuals and flow-through entities

If the Controller's Office has a W8 on file for a vendor a new form does not need to be obtained unless the IRS W8 forms, individual cititzenship, business organization, or residency status of a vendor changes.  The Controller's Office reserves the right to request an updated form W8 at any time in order to maintain accurate records.

These forms are used to establish foreign status for IRS audit purposes.  Other forms in the W8 series may be applicable.  If you have a situation where it is unclear as to which form is to be completed by the vendor please call the Controller's Office at 828-262-6426.

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